Submerged Sports Ltd - Services

Event Management & Our Events

Submerged Sports was responsible for the management of the Ahmed Gabr - World Record Breaking Deepest Dive in Open Water to a depth of 332.25m on Open Circuit, alongside our premium dive centre in Dahab, Egypt - H2O Divers Dahab. 

We can find the team that is specialised with Diving Events, in all disciplines, Recreational, Technical and Free-Diving, we will put you in contact, and using our additional services we can bring together the PR and Social Media management to make your event a great success, for you, for the sponsors and especially for the audience.

We looking at a number of events in 2016 into 2017 and beyond, ZombieBall 2016 & 2017 are our latest additons, you will get more information HERE as they come online. 

Our team now deals in large scale Music and Sports Festivals and Events with Egypt and UK, we are well placed to assist you with your ideas, fund, manage and execute the plans to bring any event to life within the scope of funding and planning.

Social Media Management


If you have your own PR Management and require our Social Media Management as a standalone product, then drop us a line at Submerged Sports on our Contact Page and give us the details. You can find out more about our Social media Guru - Jennie Edwards right HERE

Our Social Media Management, covers all social media platforms, and web pages, we can provide you advice about your current webpage, if required we can in some cases build a very simple and effective website for you. Submerged Sports will advise and provide you with domain names for your area and get you up and running on the World Wide Web.

Our Social Media Manager will bring together all your social media platforms, advise and assist in content for your exposure and tell you the best time to post and get results. We concentrate on getting you qualified likes and exposure, we won't pay for your audience to follow you, it will generate very little interest.

PR Management

We continue to provide a small element of PR Management Services, putting you in touch with the right people at the right time.  Providing you advise on your plans and direction should you require it.

If you have a concept we can help you formulate a product from that, build and introduce social media platforms, align that with you own website to publicise you as a person, or an event to get the very best exposure you require to gain attendance, personal exposure for financial and equipment sponsorship. 

What ever you want to achieve, we will help you get there, provide you contacts to specific causes you may want to support or raise money for, be it short term or a long term fundraising concept, Submerged Sports will get you in touch with the right person.