The Next Generation - Project Plastic

Its Their Future, Let Our Children Make A Difference in Their World

The Next Generation – Sports Project – The Red Sea Training Academy

Submerged Sports is embarking on a project to ensure that children in Egypt, our next generation have a chance to get involved with diving and water sports alike.

Submerged Sports & Submerged Events EGYPT are planning some great events that will promote the Education of Conservation of our worlds oceans through the medium of Sports Diving and Water Sports. We will take a percentage of the profits from our own music and sports events and provide a platform for Under Privileged children from Egypt to get involved with water sports.

Its not a problem if you cant swim, we will have people on hand to show you how, if you don't dive, then come and try it out, maybe you feel more at home on the surface of the ocean cutting through the water on a kite board. Whatever you chose, conservation of our precious oceans is not about just diving in the water.

Taking the initiative now means that our children of today, can show their children of tomorrow the beauty of the ocean as it should be.

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It is an environmental catastrophe of our own making

We produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic every year

Equivalent to the combined weight of all the adult humans on earth

Nearly half of this we use just once then throw it away

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Plastic Oceans

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